interior hotel project, java teakindo, luxury furniture interior


java teakindo. luxury furniture interior
java teakindo. luxury furniture interior
interior hotel project, java teakindo. luxury furniture interior


22 tents hidden in the jungle, telling the tale of the first settlers to Bali in the 1800s.

interior hotel project, java teakindo. luxury furniture interior

INTERIOR HOTEL PROJECT, Nestled amongst 9 hectares of Ubud’s rainforest and rice fields, Capella Ubud – opened in July 2018 – is home to 22 individually styled tent retreats. The project started out as a hundred-room hotel, but Bill soon convinced the owner that Minimal Intervention was the way to go. Project was scaled down and the priority became to take care of every tree. Not a single one was cut during construction. This is why often you will find palm trees emerging through the terraces, during visits and stays.


Biggest challenge is maintaining the authenticity of the forest and aligning the buildings with the location. Main material build tent is bamboo. To ensure the existing environment is maintained. In addition, the main goal is to maintain the view of the primary forest. And treats the spectacle of wild animals. Making us the secret audience for a magical Balinese bird concert in the morning. As well as the benefits of a private saltwater pool.

The camp evokes the story of stranded Dutch settlers who arrived in Bali in the 1800s, and pitched their tents. The team worked on the installation of buildings and furniture in great detail on 22 tents. Where each tented building tells the story of various camp personnel: Explorers, Puppet Masters, or even Cartographers. Installation work is an important part of this project. Both in terms of authenticity and local craftsmanship. Tents floor is done in detail and meticulously made of best quality solid teak wood. Using the best materials, processed in a special way, so that it will last decades. while the Tent doors with hand-carved Balinese style hand carvings around the camp are custom made.


I convinced the owners to change tack and build 22 high yield tents a low impact eco-conscious project that doesn’t cut down even a single tree in still very dense forest. I’m very proud of that!
The hat we do is a lot like filmmaking: a narrative that engages and surprises audiences, one they can relate to and even become a part of. One of the characters is Mads Lange, the White Rajah of Bali. He came here around 1840 after serving in Lombok, becoming a very successful trader of coffee, rice, spices and more. But the Dane’s great skill was as a mediator. He was close to many Balinese rulers. And frequently negotiated peace deals between the Dutch and Balinese.