Javateakindo, an Indonesia Furniture Manufacturer established since 1999. We produce a series of wooden furniture to suit your need in home interior and all of it’s chapters. Lot of experience in producing and delivering furniture in much styles to US, Europe, and also Asia market. Our product ranges consist of classic furniture, modern furniture, contemporary furniture, built-in furniture, and also new custom design furniture to match your demands.

Our furniture made from a good timber, the first step to ensure the quality. We make products that fit any environtment, including outdoor and indoor furniture. The outdoors group made from teak wood, while most of our indoor furniture made from mahogany wood which properly treated and kiln dried to avoid any wood termites and ensure the best durability for your furniture. Various designs and styles, different kind of finishing color, and specific concepts are welcome.

All wood material sourced from legal wood plantation by our government. We welcome you to our factory, which located at Bawu Belimbing RT.40 RW.08 Batealit, Jepara – Central Java, Indonesia. Useful, strength, comfort, and beauty was our focus in making furniture products. The combination of experienced folks and good quality materials to produce the best furniture for you.

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