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FURNITURE RENOVATE at Four Season by Java Teakindo. Interior contractor experienced for Hotel, Office, Resort, Cafe and Spa. Four Seasons Residence are  complex with four luxury residential towers with 35 floors each, with a total of 470 units. Built on of ​​2.4 hectares starting in 1998, by local investment group
Four Seasons Residence is located in Setia Budi, right between Jl. Sudirman and Jl. Rasuna Said. Both streets are the most important business districts in Jakarta, with many office buildings and prestigious hotels. Setia Budi itself is a rather quiet neighborhood, with most of it residential and low-rise offices, although there are luxury houses and apartments. Setia Budi area is still found with many large trees or still in the green environment. In the area near the Four Seasons, you can find lots of street food. In terms of cleanliness, it is indeed lacking compared to the SCBD and Mega Kuningan areas.


furniture renovate, java teakindo, interior contractor

on progress Four Seasons Residence, Java Teakindo is working on Art-work covering the post security area, making puppets, the front entrance fence, installing ceramics, jars and the pool area, the first work we do is the Pool area, the pool area is given a pavilion building thatched roof, has 6 pillars supporting three pillars in the water three more poles are on land. The six pillars are made of concrete covered with engraved and painted brass.

Two pairs of outdoor sofas with a main table made of brass metal and a site table made of teak wood with an antique finish. Under the alang-alang roof, large puppet figures are installed. The puppets are made of wood that is carved and finished. It’s like a puppet character gathering in the pool area. The image below shows the results that the Java Teakindo team worked on.

java teakindo, interior contractor, four seasons residence


java teakindo, interior contractor, four seasons residence

At the front entrance area there are 2 security posts, to make a different look. Designed by furniture interior design. Security post made of brass plate material. So that it makes clean, luxury and friendly a first impression. People who enter the Four Seasons Residence. The initial building was civilians, then we worked on finishing it.

We cover the building with an aluminum hollo frame so that corrosion. because of that security post  does not occur because it is outside. After that we arrange the 50×50 brass plate to adjust the shape of the location.

java teakindo, interior contractor, four seasons residence


java teakindo, interior contractor, four seasons residence

The next section is to add ornaments for the tennis court area with ceramic patterned puppets playing tennis, we produce ceramics for 2 months, approximately the time of processing. The details of ceramic carving are very carefully considered so that they are aligned when installing. Before the ceramics came, preparation was made for their location.
Field measurements and the size of the ceramic to be installed are adjusted so that the time is done with precision. Ceramics with a size of 30×30 are arranged according to the motif, for installation it must be precise because the motif is connected, if there is a wrong placement, the image will not be in harmony and must be repeated.

Faces Main Gate Installation

java teakindo, interior contractor, four seasons residence
java teakindo, interior contractor, four seasons residence

main gate fence work on progress, fences from iron frames and contents shaped like grass, so this fence design is not common. The fence time working. Need 3 month for finishing it and done after on-site installation. Gold Color main gate make beautiful harmony.  Java Teakindo interior contractor.

wall Stone Carving fence restoration

furniture renovate, java teakindo, interior contractor

Polish stone carving wall decor at tennis court area at Four Seasons Residence.   a lot of art work applied to sculptures made of stone. Since stone carving at outdoors area. Exposed to heat and rain, most or fungus appears.

Java Teakindo is also able to provide liquid for sculptures so they don’t get mossy. The first step is to clean the moss until it’s clean. Next step polish and apply a special outdoor coating.


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