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Classic Grey Cabinet Lingua

Classic Grey Cabinet Lingua

Name:Classic Grey Cabinet Lingua
Size:150 x 50 x 190 cm
Finishing:Grey Finish

  • Description

    Product Description

    This cabinetis one of our indoor furniture product namedLingua. Classic Grey Cabinet Linguause teak wood for the whole frame. Grey finishing in simple rococo furniture design. Other color combination is available to match your home decoration.

    Classic Grey Cabinet Linguahas adopted classic style furniture. Display cabinet with simple and beautiful looks also functional. It usually place in living room, family room, library, or other place that match. Combine with classic and modern style decoration.

    Classic Grey Cabinet Linguais an Indonesian furniture made by our talented craftsman to complete your furniture demands. The finish of this classic cabinet is covered by top coat to keep the color last longer. You could probably ask other color as your taste.

    Five basic things you should to know about our furniture:
    1. Good timber to produce good furniture.
    2. Good treatment to avoid any further problem that may occur.
    3. Good raw material: wood, fabric, finishing.
    4. Good woodworking and construction.
    5. Good and talented craftsman.

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